I am now VERY reluctant to pull a cylinder without proof it is necessary after reading lots of Mike Busch articles. He has been a tremendous help to my understanding and interactions with customers and I’m thankful for his work and for the rest of you who advocate and practice a 21st century approach to diagnoses.

John Hynes

Tony Barrell and Al Hawthorne were great to work with, very professional and helpful and kept me on the straight line to get to a decision to buy and also what needed to be done to make the plane ready. I of course then enrolled in the SavvyMX For a process that I was uncertain how to handle and also as this is my first buy, your team was fantastic to work with. Great job!

David Hayes

Your organization really is impressive in so many ways. This is just another example of your customer service. I tried to change my N-number last night, but discovered that field was not one I could change, This morning, I discovered you had already changed it for me and anticipated by next ask. Thank You for for your exceptional customer service!

Tom Bowe

Let me say how very pleased I was in the way Savvy handled my recent Cirrus SR22 prebuy examination. Now that I’ve purchased the airplane, I am definitely signing up for Savvy’s SavvyMx maintenance management program, as I was so impressed with your service on the prebuy. My only regret is that I wasn’t aware of your services previously for the 2005 Diamond DA40 that I just traded in.

Jay Berkowitz

Brent changed out the fuel pump yesterday. Mark changed out my transponder and updated the SkyBeacon software. Flew back home, and all was good. Thank you to everyone on the Savvy team for your help. I absolutely could not have made it home without you all!

David Tsang

My stall warning horn was stuck on when I started up my Mooney while on a trip. I called the SavvyBreakdown hotline and within five minutes was speaking to one of Savvy’s knowledgeable A&P/IAs. He helped me figure out how to silence the horn. and it worked correctly throughout the rest of my trip. Thanks to Savvy for the quick response. It’s great to know y’all have our backs!

Jeff Schlueter

The inoperative wing flaps on my Cirrus SR22 were solved by the $35 relay that my Savvy account manager Tom suggested, instead of the $1,500 actuator that was the Service Center’s proposed solution (and wouldn’t have fixed the problem). The Service Center personnel were grateful for Tom’s expert guidance. Me too!

Peter Beyer

While on vacation in Montana, my Cessna T210 had an alternator failure. I contacted my Savvy account manager and he took care of the problem with the local repair facility, while I was able to go about my vacation and enjoy myself. Not only did Savvy save me a bundle and relieve me of stress and hassle, but gave me confidence that the plane was being repaired properly. Savvy is worth it’s weight in gold!

Steve Carvajal

Just two weeks after I signed up for Savvy, I found myself stranded at a remote airport on Thanksgiving weekend. My Savvy account manager quickly diagnosed the problem, recommended a repair. talked with the local mechanic, and researched needed part numbers. This turned a potential $1,000 repair into a $300 one, saving me far more than the cost of Savvy’s service. If you’re uncomfortable talking to A&Ps (like I am), you need Savvy!

Peter March

Wow… fantastic information! I should have signed up for SavvyAnalysis Pro years ago!

Joe Frampton