Borescope Inspections Done Right

Savvy’s Borescope Initiative helps A&Ps and aircraft owners diagnose cylinder issues early and accurately, often permitting fixes without costly cylinder replacement

Access Savvy’s platform for simplifying borescope inspections with SavvyFree and SavvyAnalysis. Benefit from expert analysis of your borescope images with SavvyAnalysis.


Build Your Knowledge with the Training Video


Streamline Inspections with the Companion Checklist


Annotate & Store Data with the Borescope Image Repository


Get Expert Image Analysis with SavvyAnalysis


Historically, A&Ps were taught a simple rule regarding cylinders: If compression readings fall below 60/80, the cylinder requires repair or replacement without exception. While this approach offers clarity for mechanics, it is costly and increases the risk of catastrophic engine failure for owners. Most of the time, there is a more affordable, less risky solution.

In recent years, two diagnostic tools have revolutionized cylinder assessment, allowing for early problem detection and cost-effective remediation often without needing cylinder removal: Engine Data Analysis and Borescope Inspections.

Unfortunately, the expertise required for this comprehensive cylinder inspection is rare among mechanics and shops. Maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and A&P schools offer little to no guidance on how to analyze engine data or conduct a proper borescope inspection.

Interested in learning more about the risk of removing cylinders (And how to prevent it)? Watch Mike Busch’s 90-Minute webinar on “Ending the War on Jugs.”


Elevating flight safety and cost efficiency

Savvy launched the Borescope Initiative in January 2024 to aid mechanics and maintenance-involved owners in conducting comprehensive cylinder inspections. Drawing from our extensive experience assessing tens of thousands of images for our 10,000+ clients, we developed a protocol of 11 specific views for each cylinder, captured in a particular sequence. With practice, technicians can obtain these views in under five minutes per cylinder.  Access four tools for learning and implementing the protocol:

Build Your Knowledge with the Training Video

Our 35-minute training video demonstrates the 11-image inspection process for a cylinder, showcasing proper crankshaft positioning and scope manipulation for each view, along with examples of ideal captured images.

Streamline Inspections with the Companion Checklist

Accompanying the video, this companion checklist documents the standard cylinder borescope inspection protocol recommended by Savvy. It includes detailed descriptions of how to capture each of the 11 views, with photos demonstrating those views, and the standard file naming convention ensuring easy identification of each image when uploaded into your borescope image repository on the Savvy Platform.

Annotate & Store Data with the Borescope Image Repository

Once you’ve captured a set of borescope images of your engine cylinders, Savvy’s platform offers a cloud-based image repository. This repository allows you to upload, tag, store, organize, analyze, annotate, archive, and compare all your borescope images. The platform features a report generator that produces PDF reports suitable for printing and integrating into aircraft maintenance records.

Access your Borescope Image Repository with any Savvy Plan including SavvyFree.

Get Expert Image Analysis with SavvyAnalysis

Maximize the power of your aircraft data with expert human analysis conducted by Savvy’s experienced engine data analysts.

Our expert analysts review your engine monitor data and borescope images to equip you with a comprehensive view of the engine’s health, including fuel, ignition, induction, exhaust, cylinder, and turbocharging systems, facilitating pinpoint diagnostics of mechanical and operational issues.


Enroll in SavvyFree or SavvyAnalysis

Access our borescope image repository, report generator,  and the world’s leading software for analyzing engine monitor data and borescope images with SavvyFree or SavvyAnalysis.

Gain expert support with SavvyAnalysis. With this plan, Savvy’s expert data analysts equip you with a comprehensive view of your engine’s health, including inspections of fuel, ignition, induction, exhaust, cylinder, and turbocharging systems. This facilitates pinpoint diagnostics of mechanical and operational issues.

Upload & Inspect Borescope Images

After learning from the Borescope Training video, you can follow the Borescope checklist to upload, analyze, and annotate borescope images before generating a report.

Opt for professional analysis if your aircraft is enrolled in SavvyAnalysis, SavvyQA, and SavvyMX.

Conduct Safer, More Cost-Effective Maintenance

Extend the reliability and longevity of the aircraft you’re working on with an unparalleled understanding of engine health.

The Savvy Platform

Visualize your Data Graphically.

The Savvy Platform transforms your data into easy-to-understand infographics. Upload, store, and view engine monitor data in graphical form to aid your analysis.

Organize and Annotate Your Borescope Images

Drag and drop your borescope images in The Savvy Platform, tag them by cylinder view, annotate them to indicate condition, then generate PDF reports that combine your images and annotations in an elegant report format.

Archive Flights with UNLIMITED Storage.

Never worry about losing essential flight metrics with unlimited uploads of engine monitor data. Every flight you upload has its data automatically scanned by our proprietary algorithm.

Access Anywhere

The user interface for The Savvy Platform is web-based, so it works with PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile devices. You can access SavvyAnalysis from almost any device with Internet connectivity and a standard browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.)