Your Engine is Talking, But Are You Listening?

Your digital engine monitor has an important story to tell about engine health and operating technique. SavvyAnalysis is the only service in the industry that analyzes piston engine monitor data. With nearly 10,000 regular users and over 3 million flights uploaded, SavvyAnalysis is the world’s leading platform for piston engine data analysis.

Join the thousands of satisfied subscribers of SavvyAnalysis who are using the service to extend the life of their engines and operate them more economically.

    • Pro (piston single): $129/year
    • Pro (piston twin): $199/year
    • Pro (turboprop/turbojet): N/A

SavvyAnalysis Free

Looking to do your own data analysis? The powerful SavvyAnalysis platform is freely available to the entire piston GA community at no charge.  

  • It supports all popular engine monitors, both certified and experimental (JPI, E.I., Avidyne, Garmin, Insight, Dynon and more) and provides unlimited storage for your engine monitor data.
  • Use the rich set of tools to graphically visualize and analyze your data.
  • It’s totally FREE! No ads, no gimmicks, no strings. Just sign up for a free account by clicking the button below, and you’ll have unrestricted access to the SavvyAnalysis platform.

SavvyAnalysis Pro

For a modest annual subscription fee you receive all the benefits of SavvyAnalysis Free plus:

  • Unlimited Flight Analysis Reports is a comprehensive report on your engine’s performance and other significant systems of your aircraft.
  • FEVA™ (Failing Exhaust Valve Analytics) is our revolutionary service that monitors the health of your engine’s exhaust valves.  Every flight you upload has its data automatically scanned by our proprietary algorithm. Learn more about FEVA.
  • SavvyAnalysis Report Cards and Trend Reports comparing your aircraft with other aircraft of the same make and model with respect to a dozen key metrics. Learn more about Report Cards and Trend Reports.

What our clients say about SavvyAnalysis Pro…

Frequencly-asked questions about SavvyAnalysis Pro…

What is SavvyAnalysis and SavvyAnalysis Pro?

SavvyAnalysis is the world’s most powerful and sophisticated software platform for analyzing piston aircraft engine monitor data. It supports all popular engine monitors. The platform allows you to upload, store and view engine monitor data in graphical form and to analyze the data using a powerful set of tools.

The platform also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyze your uploaded data and flag possible warning signs of incipient problems. It also generates automated Report Cards and Trend Reports.

The user interface for the SavvyAnalysis platform is web-based, so it works with PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile devices. You can access SavvyAnalysis from just about any device that has Internet connectivity and a standard browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.)

SavvyAnalysis Free gives you full access to the SavvyAnalysis engine monitor data analysis platform at no charge. Upload and store as many flights as you want. Use the rich set of tools to graphically visualize and analyze your data. (You’ll be using the exact same powerful analytical tools that our professional data analysts use for SavvyAnalysis Pro clients.)

SavvyAnalysis Pro is an enhanced, on-line service whose goal is to turn your raw engine monitor data into the most useful, actionable information about your engine’s health and your operating technique. SavvyAnalysis Pro features:

A digital engine monitor is a device installed in many piston engine aircraft which records critical parameters of combustion in real time. Almost all digital engine monitors will record exhaust gas temperature and cylinder head temperature for each individual cylinder. More sophisticated monitors also record other engine parameters such as manifold pressure and fuel flow, and electrical and air data such as bus voltage and aircraft altitude. The data is stored in the device, can be downloaded to a computer, then uploaded to for archiving, viewing and analysis.

Failing Exhaust Valve Analytics (FEVA™) is a service included in every SavvyAnalysis Pro, SavvyMx and SavvyQA subscription at no additional cost. Every flight you upload to the SavvyAnalysis platform is scanned for the unique signature of a common exhaust-valve failure mode. Recently we introduced FEVA 2.0, significantly improving the accuracy of FEVA by employing machine learning technology based on data from over 2.5 million flights uploaded to the SavvyAnalysis platform. We provide you a “risk of failure” assessment for each of your engine’s cylinders. SavvyAnalysis Free clients can obtain FEVA™ service by upgrading to the SavvyAnalysis Pro, SavvyMx or SavvyQA subscription services. Learn more about FEVA and FEVA 2.0.

The benefits include better and less expensive maintenance of your engine, more efficient operation, and improved reliability. Here’s why:

Digital engine monitors provide the only way to actually see what is happening during the engine’s combustion process, measuring and recording information about the health of the fuel, ignition, induction, exhaust and turbocharging systems. The information is invaluable in diagnosing both mechanical problems and problems with operating technique.

For instance, a common failure mode of an exhaust valve shows a distinctive signature in engine monitor data. Ignition system problems visible in the data include marginal spark plugs and mistimed magnetos. Fuel system problems include mismatched or contaminated injectors and improperly adjusted fuel flows. Induction leaks are another problem that can be identified. It is also possible to identify failures in the digital engine monitor system itself, including failing temperature probes and poor wiring connections.

Identifying these problems before the aircraft goes into the shop has many benefits. Many engine-related problems can only be diagnosed while the engine is operating. Once it is in the shop, the opportunity for troubleshooting is gone. Even when diagnosis is possible by physical inspection of the engine, it is always much better to avoid “exploratory surgery” involving disassembly of engine components, especially cylinders. Exploratory surgery has two serious disadvantages: it is costly, and it can result in failures which are a result of the maintenance itself. These failures are common enough to have their own acronym: MIFs (maintenance induced failures).

We also find that many engine anomalies experienced by pilots result from misunderstandings about correct operating procedure. The engine monitor data can be invaluable in uncovering these problems and helping the pilot correct his powerplant management technique.

Learn more about your engine’s operation and the theory and benefits of engine monitor data analysis by reading Mike Busch’s educational articles.

Here is an example of an actual report prepared by one of our analysts.

What does SavvyAnalysis Pro cost?

SavvyAnalysis Pro is available in two purchase options, annual Pro service and Pro Packs.

SavvyAnalysis Pro  – Designed for aircraft owners for use on a single aircraft, the service is priced $129/year for singles, $199/year for twins, and includes flight analysis reports of as many diagnostically useful flights as necessary to evaluate the condition of your engine. Also includes Savvy Report Cards, Trend Reports  and FEVA Failing Exhaust Valve Analytics.

SavvyAnalysis Pro Pack – Designed for maintenance shops and aircraft fleets, each Pro Pack includes a fixed number of flight analysis reports which can be used on any aircraft engine. Requesting analysis of both engines of a twin will use up two reports. Pro Packs are priced as follows:

5 – pack: $249
10 – pack: $449
20 – pack: $799

The benefits of a SavvyAnalysis Pro subscription are included in your annual SavvyMx or SavvyQA service at no additional cost. Your aircraft will be automatically enrolled in SavvyAnalysis Pro.

How does SavvyAnalysis Pro work?

After uploading your flight data to you request analysis of your engine data by simply clicking on an option on our web-based platform. We ask you to provide any information that you think would be helpful in our analysis, such as concerns you have about your engine or anomalies you noticed during the flight. Your request will be assigned to one of our professional analysts, and you will receive a confirmation by email that we are working on your analysis. When the analysis is complete we’ll send you the results in an attractive, well-organized report that you can share with your mechanic, complete with detailed analytical findings and recommendations. To keep our service affordable to the largest number of people we regret that we cannot communicate by phone.

The analyst will examine your engine monitor data for any indications that the engine is not operating normally. He will provide you with a report of his findings, suggesting likely causes of any noted abnormalities as a starting point for you and your mechanic to troubleshoot the problem further.

Here is an example of an actual report by one of our analysts.

We will analyze any flight data that we believe is diagnostically useful in determining the condition of your engine and evaluating your operating technique, or solving a problem you are having. This includes test profile flights and flights during which you observe abnormal engine performance or indications. Analyzing data from all of your flights is rarely productive and would require that we charge substantially more for a subscription.

Our analysts can get the most diagnostically meaningful information from a flight that includes the Flight Test Profiles. This test protocol helps to disclose problems in the ignition, fuel and induction systems, and allows us to review powerplant management techniques, fuel system setup, prop governor setting, engine monitor issues, etc.

Our experience has shown that reviewing data from “day to day” flights usually doesn’t provide much that is diagnostically meaningful.

We recommend flying the Flight Test Profiles and requesting analysis just prior to the annual inspection or other significant scheduled maintenance, and then again after the maintenance is complete.

Of course, if there is an in-flight anomaly/event that causes you concern, we encourage you to request analysis of the flight. Even in those cases, we encourage our clients to perform the Flight Test Profiles if it’s possible to do so safely, as they give us the best chance to pinpoint the issue.

Flight Test Profiles are exercises performed by the pilot in flight. They are designed to test the condition of your engine’s fuel, ignition and induction systems. Flight Test Profiles include the mixture distribution test (sometimes called a GAMI lean test) and the ignition stress test (in-flight lean mag check). If necessary, we will also recommend an induction leak test. A detailed tutorial on performing the flight test profiles is available in Savvy’s Resources Library..

Engine monitor data analysis can point to a surprising number of specific engine problems. The analyst will suggest likely causes of the problems he identifies, which can be very useful to you and your mechanic in troubleshooting a problem. However, the analyst’s comments will be limited to what he sees in your data. It’s your responsibility and your mechanic’s to complete the troubleshooting and make a definitive diagnosis.

If you would like to have Savvy’s team of veteran A&P/IA account managers assist you with troubleshooting or any other maintenance issue, we suggest you enroll your aircraft in either the SavvyQA consulting program or the SavvyMx managed maintenance program. Both of these programs include SavvyAnalysis Pro and SavvyBreakdown services at no additional cost.

To keep our service affordable we must limit our involvement to interpreting the data. We think we can provide the most value by focusing on your engine monitor data, and suggesting likely starting points for troubleshooting any problems we see. If you prefer us to be more involved in your maintenance, consider enrolling in our SavvyMx maintenance-management service or SavvyQA consulting service. Both of these programs include full access to SavvyAnalysis Pro at no additional cost.

Yes you can! And if you do you will receive a pro-rata credit for the unused portion of your SavvyAnalysis Pro fee applied against your first year SavvyMx or SavvyQA subscription fee..Our software does this automatically when you upgrade.

What engine monitors does SavvyAnalysis support?

Virtually all of them, both certified and experimental. In the rare event we come across one that we do not support, we make it our first priority to add support. Here is a list of monitors we currently support:

  • Advanced Flight Systems (AF-series)
  • Avidyne (R8, R9, EX5000)
  • Chelton EFIS
  • Electronics International (UBG-16, MVP-50, CGR-30P)
  • Dynon (all models including D10/D100-series, SkyView, HDX)
  • Garmin (all models including G-1000, Cirrus Perspective, G3X, GI-275 EIS)
  • GRT Avionics
  • Insight Avionics (GEM 610, GEMINI 1200, G-series)
  • J.P. Instruments (all 700-, 800-, and 900-series)
  • MGL Avionics
  • Ultra-FEI/Flightline AuRACLE

What are SavvyAnalysis Report Cards and Trend Reports?

The SavvyAnalysis Report Card is an infographic emailed to SavvyAnalysis Pro, SavvyQA and SavvyMx clients on a regular basis. It contains graphical visualizations of your engine’s performance, including the values of important operating parameters during recent flights, and compares them to the performance of your aircraft’s cohort. Operational and maintenance recommendations are provided. The Report Card is produced entirely by our proprietary analytical software, and is based on the data you and others have uploaded. Learn more about Report Cards.

View a sample Report Card.

The Report Card uses a “thermometer” graphic to depict your data and compare it to your aircraft’s cohort.

The SavvyAnalysis Trend Report is an infographic emailed to SavvyAnalysis Pro, SavvyQA and SavvyMx clients on a regular basis. Like the Report Card, it contains graphical visualizations of your engine’s performance, but while the Report Card shows summaries of your data, the Trend Report shows individual data points from each of your flights included in the analysis. The Trend Report is produced entirely by our proprietary analytical software, and is based on the data you and others have uploaded.Learn more about Trend Reports.

The Trend Report uses a scatter diagram to depict your data and compare it to your aircraft’s cohort.

Report Cards and Trend Analysis reports are provided to aircraft that:

  • are subscribed to our SavvyAnalysis Pro, SavvyQA or SavvyMx services, and
  • are members of a supported aircraft and engine model cohort. Here is a list of cohorts currently being supported. We plan to add support for as many aircraft and engine models as possible.

The Report Card and Trend Analysis report is sent to SavvyAnalysis Pro, SavvyQA and SavvyMx clients. There is no additional charge for these reports.

We include as many performance measures as possible based on your equipment

We provide Report Cards and Trend Reports to you in two ways:

  • By email. We send you updated reports when you have uploaded 12 new flights to our platform. If you haven’t received a Report Card in the previous 90 days, we send you one regardless.
  • On the SavvyAnalysis web platform. Online from your Savvy Aviation dashboard. You can provide the date range for the flights to include in your report.