I am now VERY reluctant to pull a cylinder without proof it is necessary. Mike Busch has been a tremendous help to my understanding. I’m thankful to him and the rest of you who practice a 21st Century approach to diagnosis.

John Hynes

Wow… fantastic information! I should have signed up for SavvyAnalysis Pro years ago!

Joe Frampton

You were exactly right. There was a tear in the baffle right above the #5 cylinder! Will get it fixed right away. This service is SOOO very worth the cost!

Alan Buford

Using Savvy has enabled me to learn how to better fly my aircraft and manage my engine scientifically.

Kudzi Samushonga

The only reason I cancelled my subscription is that I sold my plane. I felt your service was very valuable, and I told the new owner all about your service and urged him to sign up.

Michael Lederhause

I’m digesting all this now. Let me say, thank you for this service I can already tell your going to make me a better pilot. I’ll start working through this and get back with you when I can.

Brock Atwill

Very clever diagnosis. The autopilot was on and cycles up and down in altitude a good 50 -125 ft in steps. The flight was super smooth the entire way. Amazing you can see that small change You guys rock!! Do you have Savvy stickers I can put on the plane? Everyone should be using your service!

George Catalano

This is excellent information! Thank you. I’ll check the whole left side and see what we find.

Kory Nakatsu

Many thanks for the great catch. The suespected #2 cylinder crack turned out to be absolutely a crack. Exhaust gasses and fuel residue were making it through the cylinder head. Today we heard back from the guy repairing our #5 cylinder, and he found exactly the same kind of crack originating from the top spark plug hole. We appreciate this invaluable service that Savvy provides.

Paul Schaaf

Great advice, you were spot on! LOP at 8K revealed the #3 bottom spark plug was dead as a door nail in these conditions. Thank you for your help.

Richard Simms