Litigation Support Services
by Mike Busch A&P/IA CFI-A-I-ME

Consulting, Dispute Resolution, Litigation Support, and Expert Witness

Mike has more than 50 years of aviation experience, and possesses an unusual breadth and depth of technical knowledge as a pilot, flight instructor, mechanic, inspector, and aircraft owner, with focus on piston-powered general aviation airplanes.

He also brings five decades of experience as a widely published aviation writer and a high-profile aviation speaker, lecturer and educator, with a reputation for offering easy-to-understand explanations of complex and technical aviation subjects.

His decades of writing and teaching in support of aviation safety were acknowledged by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2008 when the FAA Administrator honored him as “National Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year.”

In addition, Mike is a computer and mathematics expert with the ability to perform computer reconstruction of aircraft accidents and to develop demonstrative evidence in the form of digitized graphics, computer animation and video.

This unique combination of technical aviation expertise, communications skills, and computer capabilities makes Mike especially well suited as an aviation consultant and expert witness and to assist in extra-judicial resolution of disputes involving aircraft maintenance.