Nationwide 24/7 Quick-Response Breakdown Assistance

It’s like “AAA for GA.”

There’s nothing more frustrating than experiencing a breakdown away from home. You’ll probably be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be, dependent on shops and mechanics you don’t know or trust, afraid of getting stuck for days or weeks and wasting thousands of dollars on unnecessary repairs – and completely outside your comfort zone. Savvy can help!

  • Piston single: $99/year
  • Piston twin: $149/year
  • Turboprop single: $199/year
  • Turboprop twin: N/A
  • Turbojet single: N/A

When you call Savvy’s 24/7 breakdown assistance hotline, you’ll receive a return call in 5 to 15 minutes from one of Savvy’s veteran A&P/IA account managers whose expert guidance you can trust.

Savvy’s account managers have decades of GA maintenance experience. They’re experts at diagnosing aircraft problems quickly and accurately, and getting you back in the air ASAP.

If we conclude that your problem doesn’t degrade flight safety, we’ll tell you so. Otherwise, we’ll arrange for a nearby shop of mechanic to make only the repairs necessary to get you safely on your way.

Savvy’s “Owner First, Airplane Second” philosophy focuses on doing only what is necessary to get you back in the air safely, and deferring everything else until you’re safely home.

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Frequently-asked questions about SavvyBreakdown…

What does SavvyBreakdown cover?

Eligible aircraft include piston-powered or single-engine turbine-powered airplanes weighing less than 12,500 pounds maximum gross takeoff weight that have a standard United States airworthiness certificate, and that in Savvy’s judgment are well-supported by the manufacturer.

Other aircraft — including experimental, antique, rare, unique and/or poorly-supported ones — shall be covered on a “best efforts” basis. For such aircraft, Savvy’s ability and obligation to provide services under this Agreement may be limited by the lack of adequate service documentation and/or the difficulty of finding maintenance facilities competent and willing to work on the aircraft. Given these limitations, Savvy will use its best efforts to support such aircraft.

Owner-flown operations conducted under 14 CFR Part 91 are covered. (Aircraft operated for compensation or hire and flight school, rental, charter, and operations under 14 CFR Parts 121 or 135 are not covered.)

The annual fee for the SavvyBreakdown program is:

  • $99.00 per year for single-engine piston airplanes.
  • $149.00 per year for twin-engine piston airplanes.
  • $199.00 per year for single-engine turbine airplanes.

SavvyBreakdown covers management of the diagnosis and repair of mechanical breakdown events that occur when your aircraft is away from its home base. The program does NOT cover:

  • Inspections, oil changes, and other routine, scheduled, preventive maintenance, and other maintenance events not related to mechanical breakdown of your aircraft.
  • Events occurring when your aircraft is within 50 statute miles of its home base(s). (Any airport at which the your aircraft is parked, hangared or stored for at least 25% of the coverage year shall be deemed to be its home base.)
  • Events resulting in damage to your aircraft that is a covered risk under your aircraft hull insurance policy

How does SavvyBreakdown work?

When a covered event occurs to your aircraft and you call our 24/7 hotline to ask for assistance, Savvy shall provide the following services for a period not to exceed 30 days following the covered event:

  • We’ll work with you to diagnose what is wrong with your aircraft.
  • We’ll help you determine whether or not your aircraft is safe to fly and whether or not you are is comfortable flying it, or whether repairs and/or further diagnostics are necessary prior to further flight.

In the event repairs and/or further diagnostics are deemed to be necessary prior to further flight, we will:

  • Research the suitability of nearby maintenance resources (e.g., service facilities, maintenance technicians).
  • Assist you in selecting a suitable service facility or maintenance technician to perform any necessary troubleshooting and/or repair of your aircraft.
  • Recommend the appropriate repairs, further diagnostics, or other maintenance work to be performed on your aircraft and obtain your approval of such work.
  • Obtain cost estimates from the service facility or maintenance technician for the work to be performed on your aircraft, and obtain your approval of such estimates.
  • Provide direction to and oversight of the service facility or maintenance technician with respect to the work being performed on your aircraft.
  • At completion of the work, review the maintenance record entries and invoice, and advise you whether the maintenance records appear to be appropriate and whether the invoice appears to be fair and reasonable for the work performed.

Under no circumstances will Savvy or any of its employees or agents:

  • Perform inspection, repair, or any other maintenance to your aircraft. (That’s the job of the shop or technician we arrange to work on your aircraft.)
  • Make maintenance decisions concerning your aircraft on your behalf. (Our job is to make recommendations, but you always make the decisions.)
  • Assume financial responsibility for any inspection, repair or maintenance to your aircraft. (You’re responsible for paying any repair bills.)
  • Make any recommendation to you or give any direction to a service facility or maintenance technician working on your airplane that in Savvy’s judgment might violate FAA regulations or compromise the safety of your aircraft. (Duh!)