Company Timeline

2008 - 2022


The company launches its flagship SavvyMx service in May 2008 to bring the benefits of professional maintenance management to GA aircraft owners. Later the same year its founder Mike Busch is named FAA Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year.


Mike Busch launches his wildly popular monthly EAA webinar series.


Savvy debuts its free e-newsletter now providing maintenance advice to 25,000+ readers every month.


The SavvyAnalysis platform is launched. More than 5 million flights have now been uploaded into this free service that has helped aircraft owners and their mechanics analyze their engine monitor data. The platform accepts data from virtually all makes and models of certified and experimental engine monitor hardware.


Launch of SavvyAnalysis Pro, an affordably priced way for aircraft owners to have their engine monitor data reviewed by Savvy’s experienced data analysts, often resulting in pinpoint diagnosis of engine-related issues.


Launch of SavvyPrebuy providing nationwide prebuy management for GA aircraft at a fixed price. Also publication of Mike Busch’s first book titled Manifesto: A Revolutionary Approach to General Aviation Maintenance.


FEVATM 1.0 (Failing Exhaust Valve Analytics) is added to SavvyAnalysis Pro, a revolutionary method to provide advance warning of incipient exhaust valve failure.


Launch of the SavvyQA consulting service, giving access to impartial, trusted and experienced maintenance advice when aircraft owners need it. Also launch of SavvyBreakdown, the world’s first 24/7/365 fast-response breakdown assistance service for GA.


SavvyAnalysis Pro adds automated Report Cards that benchmark key parameters affecting engine longevity and aircraft performance and efficiency against a cohort of other airplanes of the same make, model and powerplant. Also Trend Reports that identify statistically significant trends in key engine parameters that are changing over time.


Publication of Mike Busch’s second book, 500+ pages of what every GA owner needs to know about piston aircraft engines, titled Mike Busch on Engines.


Launch of FEVATM 2.0, piston GA’s first predictive maintenance system employing machine learning artificial intelligence to warn owners of incipient exhaust valve failure. Also publication of Mike Busch’s third book titled Mike Busch on Airplane Ownership (Volume One).


Thousands of GA pilots take up Savvy’s offer of free Breakdown Assistance during the COVID-19 lockdown. Also publication of Mike Busch’s fourth book titled Mike Busch on Airplane Ownership (Volume Two), and the audiobook version of Manifesto.


Deployment of FEVATM 2.1, an enhancement of Savvy’s machine-learning-based failing exhaust valve detection model.


Savvy performs early pilot testing of Project GADflyTM–a cutting-edge generalized anomaly detection model using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and multi-layer neural network deep learning–on a cohort of thousands of Cirrus SR22 airplanes.