I am now VERY reluctant to pull a cylinder without proof it is necessary after reading lots of Mike Busch articles. He has been a tremendous help to my understanding and interactions with customers and I’m thankful for his work and for the rest of you who advocate and practice a 21st century approach to diagnoses.

John Hynes

Your organization really is impressive in so many ways. This is just another example of your customer service. I tried to change my N-number last night, but discovered that field was not one I could change, This morning, I discovered you had already changed it for me and anticipated by next ask. Thank You for for your exceptional customer service!

Tom Bowe

Only an idiot or masochist (or both) could miss the value of what Savvy offers.

Jeff Harris

I love the service offered by Savvy and plan on continuing as a SavvyMx client for as long as I own an airplane.

Timothy Coomer

This is best money I have ever spent in aviation!!!!!! The SavvyMx service is Utopia.

Frank Fotia III

The shop’s original estimate was: $8,693. After Savvy got done withthem, the final invoice was $5,781. Way to go, guys! SavvyMx more than pays for itself once again!

Jack Byrd

I have been very happy with the Savvy program. I like having a knowledgeable team on my side when dealing with mechanics. I’m sure I have saved many times Savvy’s fee in reduced maintenance costs. My Savvy account manager has always been prompt at responding to my needs, and seems to really care about my ownership experience.

Peter March

It was truly a benefit to have you Savvy guys involved. The annual went far smoother and right on schedule this year, which is a first!

Wick Zimmerman

I’m very satisfied. Savvy saved me $6,000 on my annual. It’s been a pleasure working with you guys. I’m renewing for another year.

Jerry Bock, MD

Thanks again for stepping in and saving me from the greedy hands at the Cessna Service Center. Savvy zealously represented my interests with this predatory shop in a most professional and expert manner. I figure Savvy probably saved me at least $40,000 on this annual.

Pete van Helden