If you are thinking about hiring these guys, stop thinking and just do it! My IA wanted to pull the engine for overhaul (metal in the filter). After working with Savvy, my engine was not pulled and is working fine. This saved me enough to cover 35+ years of Savvy’s premium service.

Rob Thomas

I am now VERY reluctant to pull a cylinder without proof it is necessary. Mike Busch has been a tremendous help to my understanding. I’m thankful to him and the rest of you who practice a 21st Century approach to diagnosis.

John Hynes

Your organization really is impressive in so many ways. I tried to change my N-number last night in your system, but discovered that field was not one I could change, This morning, I discovered you had already changed it for me. Exceptional customer service!

Tom Bowe

I can’t say enough about the Savvy program, technical team, and expertise in giving me all the necessary and appropriate advice and comfort level when making big (and little) maintenance decisions. You simply can’t put a price tag on that!

Kyle Jones

I can’t live without Savvy. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done for me. I’m honest when I say that everywhere — but especially in aviation — it is hard to find people who truly excel in service and value to the customer. Savvy is definitely one of those. Thanks again!

Carlos A. D. Cendoya

Thank you, Savvy. You’ve been an amazing help to us, and very patient, which is truly appreciated.

Garrison (Gary) Cavell

Working with the Savvy team has been great! Savvy makes my busy life much easier.

Harvey Rock

Being a Savvy client gives me great comfort that the effort and resources expended to maintain my airplane are without a doubt the best investment I could have made. A Cessna Turbo 210 would not be an airplane I’d want to fly (especially with employees or family on board) if it were maintained by a 172 mechanic.It requires a real 210 expert with many years of 210 experience. That’s what I get from Savvy.

Bob Dosser

Once again, Savvy pays for itself in multiples!! Better than my stock portfolio…

Irvin Sahni, MD

The Savvy program has given me great peace of mind over the past year. I have said on COPA several times that Savvy is the best bargain in aviation (an area not known for bargains). Going through maintenance issues with Savvy has taught me so much about the aircraft that I would have never known had they not been in my corner. There is simply no substitute for having the experts like Tom, Jeff, and Mike looking out for me.

Jack Byrd