Savvy Stories

Hear real-life stories of problems experienced by aircraft owners and how Savvy helped resolve them.
Some names have been changed for privacy.

Persistence Pays

The manufacturer said the Cirrus’ air conditioner evaporator needed a $5K overhaul., but Tom’s persistence knocked more than 50% off that figure.

Funky EGT

Something definitely wasn’t right with Willy’s #3 EGT. Engine monitor data analysis pinpointed the problem.

Prebuy Showstopper

The seller of the Stinson insisted that the prebuy be done in his hangar and in his presence. We advised our client to walk away. When he didn’t, we had to…

Down in the Boondocks

You’re cruising high above rough terrain when your engine suddenly loses power and you make an emergency landing in the middle of nowhere. Now what?
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