SavvyAnalysis Puzzlers

Every month, Joe Godfrey, Savvy’s chief data analyst, presents captivating aviation “puzzlers” derived from real-life engine monitor data on the SavvyAnalysis platform, guiding pilots in identifying anomalies for real-time safety decisions and assisting owners in informed maintenance choices.


If an engine monitor probe or sensor is going to fail, would you rather have it just fail and be done with it, or have it be reliable some of the time and distracting some of the time? Neither has much appeal, but at least with the failure, you can skip the detective work of […]


Hockey playoffs are in full swing. It’s usually about this time of the year that I rewatch my favorite hockey movie “Miracle”, about the 1980 Olympics. So many great performances, including fellow pilot Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks, but none better than Eddie Cahill playing US goalie Jim Craig. And now you’re wondering, how is […]


The analysis team sees lots of malfunctions in the data we review. No surprise – most clients request analysis when something’s not right, so we’re not seeing the thousands of flights that go off without a hitch. So you could say we’re spring-loaded for malfunctions. This month we had a surge in things that were […]

Deep Fake

Lately the news is filled with examples of deep fakes. This is nothing new for pilots. We practice partial panel approaches for scenarios where technology is trying to convince us that something phony is real. It’s nothing new for engine data analysts. We start the process with evaluating the reliability of the data. The difference […]

Looking for Trouble

When the analysis team started looking at engine data about 10 years ago, we could confidently recognize the patterns for clogged injectors, spark plug misfires and detonation events. Other patterns, like broken valve springs and induction leaks, came later. Last month the analysis team began reviewing borescope pictures. Just as with engine data, some conditions […]

The Best Laid Plans…

Scottish poet Robert Burns wasn’t a pilot – but his words are good advice for flight planning. This Puzzler is about anomalies that happened in flight. 14 CFR 91.103 directs pilots to become familiar with all available information concerning a planned flight prior to departure. We plan and prepare for what we think and hope […]

The Perry Mason Moment

I was channel surfing recently and landed on a Perry Mason rerun. First of all, it’s one of the great TV themes of all time. Hats off to Fred Steiner. Private Detective Paul Drake just oozes cool with his wild sport coats and convertible sports cars. Della Street was smart with just the right amount […]
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